Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Beer Poem

A really, really bad poem about really, really good beer.

A is for Allagash, Belgian masterpieces brewed in Maine

B is for BrewDog, a 55% ABV beer is just insane

C is for Cantillon, phenomenal lambics, guezes and krieks

D is for Dogfish Head, Sam Calagione is a craft brewing freak

E is for Elysian, one of many brewed in the city of Seattle

F is for Flying Dog, a gonzo Ralph Steadman label on each bottle

G is for Goose Island, the Monster of the Midway

H is for HaandBryggereit, great beer out of Norway

I is for Innis & Gunn, who use barrels that once contained whiskey

J is for Jolly Pumpkin, artisan ales from Michigan brewed for you and me

K is for Kona, coffee, surfing and beer in an island paradise

L is for Lake Placid, Ubu to help keep you warm from the sleet, snow and ice

M is for Mikkeller, the Danes making ales in the American-style

N is for North Coast, their Old Rasputin makes me smile

O is for Oak Creek, their amber has a great, nutty taste

P is for Panil, I wouldn't let a drop of it go to waste

Q is for Qingdao, from Shandong Province on the East China Sea

R is for Russian River, send me some Pliny the Elder brew master Vinnie

S is for Stone, they really are liberal with the hops

T is for Three Floyds, their Dark Lord deserves major props

U is for Unibroue, from our neighbors to the north

V is for Victory, who consistently prove their worth

W is for Westvleteren, with its comparison to the Holy Grail

X is for Xingu, a German-style schwarzbier from Brazil

Y is for Yuengling, the oldest brewery in the states

Z is for Zatec, among Czech pilseners this one really rates

There are many more breweries worth consideration,

But for letters our alphabet has only twenty-six.

Please remember to always drink in moderation;

Drinking and driving are an unhealthy mix.

Next Time: Hmm, no idea...maybe I'll do another poem